Clean Khuvsgul Lake public awareness campaign organized


In September 2012, Clean Khuvsgul Lake public awareness campaign was organized in cooperation with local communities, Khatgal Village Government, and other partners.

This activity was supported by the UNOPS project on Integrated Natural Resources Management in the Baikal Lake  Trans-boundary Ecosystem:



  • Clean solid wastes in the Lake Khuvsgul shorelines, Khatgal village’s forested areas, and tourist regions;
  • Conduct public awareness activities for local communities regarding impacts of solid wastes and involve them in cleaning activities;
  • Install restricted area signboards and mechanical barriers for entering vehicles into the lake shorelines within the Khatgal village areas;
  • Introduce presentations for local communities regarding climate change, its impacts and adaptation possibilities, the ecosystem of the lake, water resources changes and its pollutions.

Results: September 2012.

  • Cleaned solid waste over 3,500 ha areas around the Lake Khuvsgul and Khatgal Village;
  • Lake sanitation and hygiene zone is protected by 2 km long barriers to prevent the entrance of vehicles into the shorelines of the lake within the Khatgal Village;
  • The Village Governor issued an order “All tourist camps, organizations, households and citizens should be responsible for cleaning their surrounding 200 m radius areas in every April and September and transport solid wastes to the designated places”.

Participating organization: Mongolia Water Forum – Uskhelts, Domogt Dalai” LLC, (a licensed forest management organization), Khatgal Village Governor Office, Association of Sayan Region Herder Communities, Everest” Eco Club of the Khatgal’s Secondary School, Khuvsgul Protected Area’s Administration Office, Hydro-meteorological post at the Khatgal Village.


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